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James Halliday - Wine Companion Newsletter, 23 Jan 2013 

94 points

" Tasted in conjunction with the ‘08, ‘09 and ‘10 vintage wines, and it is very much in the Caillard Mataro family, needing no excuses. Careful sorting of bunches has paid a major dividend, for the wine is most attractive, more so than the three older vintages were at this stage. This makes it as much a drink-now as drink later proposition, its bevy of red fruits cosseted by silky tannins and subtle oak."


Tony Keys - The Barefoot Review, May 2013

94 points

"Andrew Caillard starts his description: “Fragrant, pure and sinuous...” I can go with that. I also enjoyed the complexity that went deeper as the length stretched across the palate. It has the textual feel of reaching the finish while part of the wine is yet to start the journey. Moving to pictorial imagery, it brought to mind a long caravan winding its way across a desert of pure white sand. There was a beautiful, bitter plum bite on the very end. 94 points and possibly a couple more to come as it ages."


Gary Walsh - The Wine Front, 5 Feb 2013

93 points

"Light to medium bodied, soft and almost slippery with gently herbal cherry fruit, light tannin, fresh acidity and a clean long finish - slightly tangy and astringent, yes, though it encourages the next sip. ‘Deft’ seems a good word to use here. Interesting and lovely to drink. A really enjoyable, tasty wine."


Peter Forrestal - Money Magazine, Smart Spending, July 2013

“This is a rare, and not so easy to source, single-vineyard mataro from the Barossa.  It shows delicate blueberry pastille aromatics, ripe black-currant bramble and mulberry flavours, tight structure around a solid core of fruit, velvety texture and fine, gentle tannins that linger.  An Aussie treasure.”

Ralph Kyte-Powell - The Age, Uncorked, 9 April 2013

“Indulge yourself.  From a cool year, the fascinating ‘11 has appetising aromas of dried currants, red cherries, pepper and leather with typically grainy texture, good depth, fine tannins and juicy balance.”

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